Tika (Dopi's pup)


Είδος: Σκύλος

Φύλο: Θηλυκό

Μέγεθος: Κουτάβι

Ημ. γέν.: 10/8/17 (κατ' εκτίμηση)

Αρ. Microchip:

 "Tika and  5 more pups were   found  when they were still  newborn pups , around  Dopi, their mother , who was chained on to a tree, without water and food to die.
They were taken in fostercare, but after a while the mother was infected by Parvo, so the pups were infected as well They were taken  very fast to the vet and after a therapy  against Parvo they all survived and now they are sound and healthy, full of energy. They look after their mother who is 6 kilos. They probably will grow to  small size dogs. They live in a fosterhome  with their mother and get  lots of cuddles and care.