Είδος: Σκύλος

Φύλο: Θηλυκό

Μέγεθος: Κουτάβι

Ημ. γέν.: 20/6/2017 (κατ' εκτίμηση)

Αρ. Microchip:

This pups about 40 days old when found,  the offspring of an unwanted pregnancy possibly of an owned dog!! When people understand how important is to have their dogs sterilized? It is not so expensive, it is healthier for the dogs and for the whole society. The dog was found while a little girl 3 years old was there too. When the 3 year old girl saw the pup asked "Why they do not want it? Let's help it " So the pup was named after Sissi, the girl who adores animals and already creats a very concious and sound attitude towards them