Είδος: Σκύλος

Φύλο: Θηλυκό

Μέγεθος: Μικρό

Ημ. γέν.: 1/2/2015 (κατ' εκτίμηση)

Αρ. Microchip:

Melpo is  a female dog who was found hit by a car. Her front leg was totally damaged and she had an ambutation. It took her a few days in her loving fosterhome to recover and get used to walk on three legs. She has an amazing character. She is friendly with all the dogs and cats of the family.She is loving and loyal dog She has fully recovered  and used to go on with 3 legs. We hope Melpo will find a forever home soon . She is able to give amounts of love to the people who love her