Είδος: Σκύλος

Φύλο: Αρσενικό

Μέγεθος: Μεγάλο

Ημ. γέν.: 1/10/16 (κατ' εκτίμηση)

Αρ. Microchip:

This is Ivano. He was already one year old, when found by a ZAWF volunteer ,while working in her pharmacy, there was a traffic jam in the street. Lots of cars were absolutely immovable for half an hour, because workers were working in the streets . The volunteer saw a lorry and this dog in it waiting for the traffic jam to come to an end. After half an hour the cars started moving forward and the problem finished !!! A while after that , this dog, was walking in the street all alone. The volunteer was sure that this was the dog who was on the lorry a while ago and she thought that the dog run away and the man will come to look for the dog . He never came back to look for his dog him. Now Ivano has a microchip and he belongs to our adoption program . He has a very mild character, he is playful and cute, he loves cuddles, he is so gentle with the grand daughter . He deserves a good family