Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Size: Puppy

Born: 5/11/2016 (aprox.)


This is a story of those that makes you wonder for human kind! Of how people think are above of every other leaving creature on this planet! Without remorse or regret they think they can take any life just for fun or revenge.


We had a call for 2 abandoned puppies and we arranged with the ladies that found them, to pick them up the next day. A few hours before our meeting they called crying to tell us that their 80 year old uncle (with which they have property disputes), shoot the puppies to take revenge on them, and the puppies were missing! We were afraid they were dead!

Fortunately they survived and irony? the next day, the stronger one came back to that house bleeding and crying for help. This  was Hara which means JOY We looked for the other one as well and found it hiding in a cave, close to the house, bleeding and scared.This was Agapi, which means LOVE

Now they are safe into a loving foster home, receiving TLC and intensive care.

It will never stop!?


This is Hara She lives in a loving fosterhome, she is friendly to all the dogs there She adores the child of the fostermum. Hara is a very playful and happy pup.