Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Born: 1/11/2012 (aprox.)


Coffee was very tired and damaged. She was found by a volunteer a year ago wandering to the streets. She was extremely thin so much that you could count her bones ,had serious hair loss from hunger and you could tell she had given so many births. They were trying a whole year to catch her but she was so much scared that she was going away, so the only solution was to leave food and water at the side of the road. Until a month ago, when it was heavy raining and flooded everywhere they found her sitting in the middle of their yard soaking wet and trembling. This is when she decided to let them help her. Now she is save to their foster care, gained weight right away, her hair grew back very fast and trusts people again. She is about 4 yrs old ,medium size, very kind and quiet, she walks perfect with a leash and she travels like a lady at the front seat of the car. She is doing well with the family's cats and she loooves her food so much that when she knows its dinner time she crackles her teeth . The only thing is missing is a family to give her forever love and safety.