Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Size: Small

Born: 1/6/2013 (aprox.)


Clara is a little 3 legged female dog. She was born in june 2013. She was found by a
doctor in Loutraki (main land), while she had 3 legs  and as long he stayed  there, Clara was following him as a shadow, she longed for cuddles and love. He brought her in Zakynthos and now Clara is in ZAWF's fostercare. A small dog with a big heart.

 Fully Vaccinated, microchopped, sterilised.

She is adorable. Fully mobile. Gentle and loving. She will be a loving companion She lives in a wonderful fosterhome, she is very friendly dog and after so long time , on three legs she is used to walk and run as no leg is missing.She is very cute and loving, she gets on well with the other dogs of the family. She deserves a nice loving home