Adopt a stray from Laganas Bay!

Being a volunteer for ARCHELON does not mean a person solely interested in turtles. Sea turtles are ‘flagship species’ for the coastal and marine environment. This means that via trying to protect their habitats and address the problems they themselves and their nests face, we actually cope with various other issues. Most of the environmental problems can be considered as social problems, as well, as they arise by wrong management of natural sources or from human ignorance for the environment and the living creatures in it.

Since last year in Laganas Bay, the project in Zakynthos had to cope with the increasing number of stray dogs in the area. It was a very alarming phenomenon as it suddenly affected numerous sea turtle nests as well. Unfortunately many puppies in Zakynthos Island are abandoned and that lead to sea turtle nest predations as they were seeking food source.

To address the problem of increasing number of stray dogs in the area, ARCHELON and the Management Agent of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos started a new mission with the local Animal Welfare Organization. With the help of the local Animal Welfare Organization the stray dogs of Laganas Bay will get adopted and will find a home!

The first one got already adopted by an ARCHELON volunteer!

copy from: Archelon