Είδος: Σκύλος

Φύλο: Αρσενικό

Μέγεθος: Μεγάλο

Ημ. γέν.: 1/10/2012 (κατ' εκτίμηση)

Αρ. Microchip:

Chuck was first spotted by tourist's in the summer, when he was already showing signs of Calazar. Initially he was not very approachable, and very scared of people. Giving the impression that he had little experience of socialising. Sadly, it is still common practice for dogs to be kept on a chain, usually as guard dogs, and then to be dumped, when they show signs of illness. Chuck, was possibly one such case. Chucked out, when the owner no longer wanted the responsibility of a sick dog. Hence the name, given by the volunteers. Chuck is a very gentle giant, who never asked to get ill, never asked to be abandoned, and has so much affection to give.


Chuck's Leismania therapy is over. His eyes are not infected anymore. The boy is now very healthy with pleanty of strength. But he still needs Zylapour tablets which does not cost  more than 5E per month. He is a boy who would fit perfectly to a family with children.  He needs to be the prince of the family